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The DONUM project aims to create a unified platform to consult digital documents from French speaking Belgian Academies, along with partners the Royal Library Belgium and the Royal Museum of Mariemont.
The project will be conducted in two phases. The first phase, during the year 2009 will aim to establish the state of the art; then identify the common specifications to allow description, indexing, harvesting and searching within documents - including full text. This pecification will useUnicat technology - while monitoring EDLNet developments to integrate European standards in our repositories. Each Academy will develop a prototype under the constraints defined by this preparatory work.The content will be put in repositories during the second phase, in 2010. This second phase will also include the development a common platform for harvesting and consultation digital documents from theinstitutions, in compliance with the international norms and standards in order to make possible the integration in European projects.

Further informations on DONUM website.

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responsible : Charles-Henri Nyns | conception : Muriel Baguet, Maxime Lohisse & Fabrizio Tinti | realization : Maxime Lohisse | update : september 01, 2009

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