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PEPS : Electronic portal for scientific periodicals (2004) | printable version

Thanks to an exceptional subsidy granted by the Minister for the Higher education and scientific research and with the assistance for the General Committee for International relations, BICfB carried out a feasibility study concerning the installation of an online platform for the scientific periodicals published in the French Community of Belgium's diffusion: it is the project PEPS.

The project made it possible to measure the stakes for the Belgian journals and the research diffusion in general for a solved action from the authorities regarding electronic access. Unfortunately, no pursuant action could be taken to the project by the political authorities of the French Community of Belgium, in spite of the stakes for the erudite communication and the development in other French-speaking countries of similar projects with a public support. However, ULg agreed to ensure a simple "technological survey" while taking part in the meetings of the French-speaking group which joins together various projects and achievements of diffusion portals.

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responsible : Charles-Henri Nyns | conception : Muriel Baguet, Maxime Lohisse & Fabrizio Tinti | realization : Maxime Lohisse | update : september 01, 2009

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