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BICTEL/e (2001 - 2003) | version imprimable

Sharing knowledge and resources between institutions is one of the key stages for the constitution of virtual libraries. Within this framework, to offer free access to full text of researchers' theses and publications became a major concern of the institutions, for Americans as well as Europeans. Thus, the BICfB also launched its project of electronic theses and publications' management.

The purpose of this project, entitled BICTEL/e, was to gather the production of the research (theses and e-prints) of the nine universities of the French Community of Belgium in a common repository and to make it freely accessible on line, in full text. Several servers were installed, each institution being responsible for the gathering, the organization, the authentification and the maintenance of its scientific production.

BICTEL/e gives the researcher a simple tool for auto-filing an electronic version of its research works, ensuring those an international diffusion. Besides the visibility profit carried out in each institution, BICTEL/e also constitutes a central inpoint, with adapted research tools, to electronic publications from French Community of Belgium universities. The operational prototype built in 2003 is at the root of the project "institutional repositories".

More informations and browse the repository on the BICTEL/e website.

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